Flagz Do's & Don't's (Wen Pon D' Road)

- Do drink responsibly.
- Do not drink and drive. Designate a Driver.
- Do drink lots of water through the day to avoid dehydration.
- Do be extremely careful around all parade vehicles e.g. music truck, rest truck, etc.
- Do leave your valuables at home e.g. expensive jewellery, passport, etc.
- Only carry necessary cash on you
- Always move around in groups.
- Do wear comfortable footwear.
- Do arrange a specific meeting point with your friends within the band in case you get lost. E.g. the right side of the DJ truck. Remember, there are thousands of masqueraders in costume, and you may get separated at least once.
- Don't accept drinks from strangers. Drinks are available at the Flagz Bar.
- Be sure not to mix medication with alcohol.
- Don't give away food or drinks to non Flagz masqueraders
- Don't invite non Flagz masqueraders to join you in the band
- Do listen to the security and MC on the truck, always.
- Do look out for each other and inform the Flagz family, security or stewards of any issues.
- Don't give your Tee shirt to a friend/family to wear to access the band; security will remove both of you.
- No children are allowedd on Carnival Monday.
- There is no storage space on the trucks; all bags must be left at the secured band house for when we return.
- Do have fun, let your hair down and party hard!

So join us & be part of the Magic....
More info: Eon 07956815370