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Where can I view the 2020 costumes?

Online gallery at (Or at Mas camp but only for a limited time).

When/Where can I register for Costume or Fun Mas for 2020?

Online via our website or in person at Mas Camp

When is the last date for me to register?

Flagz Mas Band offers a limited number of Costumes/FunMas packages for open registration, so the sooner the better, as once we’re sold out, we’re sold out!!

Can I register more than one person?

You can do, but please be aware its one registration form per person as all our costumes are individually made to your specific measurements, also each person is issued with their own unique ID number, so you will need their details when registering.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes. Once you are registered and issued with an ID number you can pay online, Bacs, Pay pal, or Cash at Mas Camp. The Flagz A/C details are available upon request and you can make several payments, just remember to use your full name or ID number as reference and inform us once payment is made. If you’ve paid for 2 or more persons, then we must be informed via email with a list of all ID numbers or full names and amounts for each person that you have paid for.

When is the last date for deposits?

All deposits MUST be paid in FULL by 30th April 2020. Those registering after that date must pay the full deposit upon registration.

When is the last date for final payments?

All Costume & Fun Mas packages MUST be paid for in FULL by 30th June 2020.


A late fee will be applied after this date.

I’m unable to pay/play Mas do I get my deposit back?

All deposits are non-refundable.

I’m unable to pay for my costume can I swap for Fun Mas instead?

Only if your costume, which has already been ordered, can be sold on. If not, you will lose your deposit and you must pay again, in full, for the Fun Mas option.

I’m unable to play Mas do I get my money back?

All circumstances/situations vary so in most cases we will try to sell on your costume, if given enough notice. A refund will only be considered if we are able to sell on your costume, you may still lose the deposit.

What is Mas Camp? And its opening hours?

Flagz Mas Camp is where we meet n greet old and new members, chill out, listen to Flagz Sound DJs entertain with their latest mixes, practice our dance routines, run costume making classes (adults & kids), view the costumes, registrations & payments. Open every Sunday 4pm – 6pm, start date tbc.

Do I have to learn the dance routine?

Yes. Flagz Mas Band prides itself on being a creative arts group and we always perform a dance routine that blends well with our theme, for the judges. So for us to continue to look good and gain points, we ask that everyone attend Mas camp and learn the routine.

I’m unable to collect my Costume/Fun Mas pack … Can another person collect on my behalf?

Yes, you must provide the person collecting with a signed letter authorising them to collect the Costume or Fun Mas pack on your behalf.  Alternatively, you can send an authorisation email to

When do I collect my Costume/Fun Mas pack?

The distribution schedule will be text/emailed to all masqueraders. The final date of distribution/collection is Carnival Saturday, after which all uncollected packs will no longer be available.

What do I get in my Costume pack?

Your Costume or Fun Mas package details are on the website page

I missed the collection date – what do I do?

You can contact us via telephone or email and we will try an alternative date for collection/delivery which might incur an extra cost, if any.

I would like to have an individual Costume for Carnival – who do I contact?

Please email or contact one of the Flagz family at Mas camp for information on individual costumes.

Do I have to be in the same costume section as my friends if we register as a group?

It is recommended, as at various points on the road and at judging point all masqueraders have to remain in their sections.

If I’m in costume, can my friends in the Fun Mas section be with me?

Costumes can join in the Fun Mas section at some points, but the Fun Mas are NOT allowed in the Costume section.

Can my family/friends jump in the band?

Flagz Mas only allows fully paid, registered masqueraders to jump in the band. The security with the rope cordon, will not allow non-Flagz masqueraders to participate in the band.

What music is played on the road?

The Award-Winning DJs from Flagz Sound offers a variety of different genres of music to appeal to every masquerader. We also have National and International guest DJs on the road with us.

Where does the band meet?

At the band house on both days. Venue and address will be in your Carnival guide pack – be sure to check your packs for the specifics!

What is The Band House?

This is where we meet on carnival morning, get changed and prepare to take to the road. Address will be in your carnival guide.

What time does Flagz Mas set off on the road?

The band departs our starting point at 11:30am on both Carnival Sunday and Carnival Monday.

I have a comment / complaint – who do I speak to?

Please feel free to speak to one of the Flagz Mas management team or send an email to

I’m interested in providing a service / becoming a sponsor/supporter of Flagz – who do I contact?

Please send an email with your proposal to

Please note:

We have a commitment to our social media partners and sponsors, so various pictures and video footage of the 2 days of NHC will be posted on various social media sites, etc. If you wish not to appear in any, do try to avoid the cameras.

I’m interested in providing a service / becoming a sponsor / supporter of Flagz – who do I contact?

Please email our Band Leader, Eon Pyle, with your proposal to